Originating from the need to have a safe and supportive environment for women in recovery, Spero House is a  sober living committed to helping our residents achieve lasting sobriety.  Sober living and aftercare is an integral step in the recovery process- bridging the divide between residential inpatient treatment and the complete autonomy of the outside world.  As treatment professionals, we recognize the need for a structured and supportive environment while allowing each client the dignity of self realization.


The mission of Spero House is to strengthen the independence of our clients while continuing to stress the significance of a continued relationship with the sober community.


Drug addiction, alcoholism, trauma, and mental health related struggles present harrowing obstacles to overcome- adversities that appear to have no resolution.  However, Spero House believes that all individuals are inherently resourceful; that no situation is hopeless.  The assumption of resourcefulness directs us that, unlike traditional models of therapy, an emphasis should be placed on the strengths of the individual rather than the aspects that others would label as broken, such as their diagnosis or addiction.  It is our belief that when we highlight the strengths in the women we serve, they are able to recognize it within themselves; empowering them to lead greater and more fulfilling lives.


Bringing a sincere empathy to our work, individuals come to Spero House to feel not just safe, but inspired.  By helping these women recognize their worth and potential, they are empowered to lead greater, more fulfilling lives.  At Spero House, it is our mission to strengthen and support each resident that walks through our doors.

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