Our Program

At Spero House we honor the importance of transitional living in one’s journey to lasting sobriety.  Coupled with a deep affection for the work we do is an even greater respect for the support and principles required to make our work meaningful. We believe strongly in a supportive community as well as the emotional and physical well being of our clientele.  Because of this, we offer services which ensure both the integrity of our house and the safety of the residents themselves.  Additionally, Spero House offers amenities and services which help our residents remain comfortable, acclimate to life outside treatment, and most importantly- enjoy life clean and sober!


  • Abstinence based
  • Random drug testing 2x per week
  • Nightly breathalyzer testing
  • Night time check-in
  • Vocational counseling- direction and support with various employment opportunities
  • Educational counseling- guidance and support with GED counseling and/or college enrollment
  • 24/7 Staff support 
  • Individual female mentors available
  • Pet Friendly


  • Private/shared suites available
  • Wireless internet access in every room
  • LCD television in every room
  • Self help library
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack foods provided
  • Prepared community dinners Monday through Friday
  • Transportation to all aftercare programs, doctors appointments, and recovery
  • Individualized support for each client
  • Sunday scheduling with staff for each clients week outlined for them
  • Fun House Outings
  • Gym membership

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